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Michael & Matisyahu
Michael & Matisyahu property in Portugal

Discover Your Ideal Property in Portugal

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Find the perfect property in Portugal with the guidance of experienced professionals who will help you secure the best deal quickly.

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Michael & Matisyahu property in Portugal

Flexible financing options make it an ideal destination for property investment. The only decision left for you is choosing the right partner. At Michael & Matisyahu, we make it possible.

The allure of Portugal, promising high-yield investments in a growing resilient market

Michael & Matisyahu property in Portugal

We can provide you with comprehensive bespoke services.

We are your intelligence hub for real estate, with insights into exclusive properties and off-market opportunities in North Portugal and Porto City.

Property Location

We offer financial planning, support throughout the transaction, and assistance in opening a bank account and securing a mortgage in Portugal.

Financial Solutions

Our team of top-notch professionals ensures property registration in your name and provides guidance every step of the way.

Legal Assistance

While not mandatory, we can recommend a reliable management company for your property.

Project Management

We connect you with experienced professionals, including architects, designers, and engineers, and facilitate coordination with all relevant parties.

Valuable connections

From feasibility checks to tax management, our knowledgeable accountants are well-versed in Portuguese property matters.

Accounting Support

Michael & Matisyahu Portugal


Whether you're a seasoned visitor to Portugal or planning your first visit, whether it's your first, second, or third property investment, you've come to the right place.

Michael & Matisyahu property in Portugal

Property Ownership in Your Name

No Upfront Payments


Portuguese Licensed and Regulated Broker

We're a family of five and recently had the pleasure of vacationing in northern Portugal, where we instantly fell in love with the vibrant city of Porto.

Fascinated by the city's youthful energy and lively atmosphere, we began exploring the idea of purchasing an apartment that could serve as both an investment and a potential relocation spot. We were introduced to Michael & Matityahu through mutual friends, and they expertly guided us through various suitable options. Our main dilemma was choosing between a centrally located apartment and a new development near the sea.

Ultimately, influenced by their insights and experience, we decided on a four-bedroom apartment by the sea. This decision provided us with an ideal summer retreat for us and our children. We sincerely thank Michael & Matityahu for perfectly matching our needs.

As a close family of three brothers, our wives, and kids, we've always loved investing in real estate together – it's our thing. We were on the hunt for a place in Europe where the property market was both strong and secure, and that's how we stumbled upon Michael & Matityahu's website. Right off the bat, we could tell these guys were pros who really knew their stuff.

They opened our eyes to the booming real estate market in Portugal, which has been on the rise for the last decade. Their team wasn't just about showing us properties; they gave us the full package – banking advice, accounting help, and tax consulting. This really helped us make a decision we felt good about.

So, we ended up buying two apartments. The first one's in Porto's gorgeous old city, in the Bonifim neighborhood. It's already up and running for short-term rentals, so we're seeing returns right away. The second one is a project across the Douro River. We're planning to flip it, but honestly, it's so nice we might just keep it for ourselves. Big thanks to Michael & Matityahu for guiding us through this – couldn't have done it without them!

As retirees, my husband and I were looking for a real estate investment that would be both a wise financial decision and a fulfilling addition to our lives. We contacted Michael & Matityahu via their website and were immediately impressed by their quick and personal response. The representative in Porto was not only knowledgeable but also made the entire process incredibly smooth and straightforward.

Having planned a trip to Portugal, we scheduled a day to explore property options in Porto. Initially, we considered an apartment, but Michael & Matityahu introduced us to a much more intriguing opportunity: a historic building with four apartments in Republic Square, ripe for renovation and perfectly situated for attracting tourists.

The support we received was comprehensive, covering everything from architectural design to project management and interior design. The team's involvement didn't end with the purchase; they also assisted us in selling the renovated apartments. In the end, we were so charmed by one of the apartments that we chose to keep it for ourselves.

Leave your details, and we'll find your perfect investment.

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You can also contact us directly on WhatsApp


For over a decade, Michael & Matisyahu has been helping investors make their mark in Portugal.

Our personalized service agency specializes in pinpointing deals that perfectly match our client's needs, offering personalized support throughout every project.


Each engagement begins with meticulous planning tailored to your requirements. Whether you seek a turnkey property with existing tenants or wish to purchase, renovate, and manage a building, we have the expertise to fulfill your vision.

Our team holds official licensing and expertise exclusively focused on the Portuguese real estate market. Our connections span single apartments, buildings, hotels, and Airbnb properties, with professional guidance at every step.

Thanks to our knowledge, experience, pre-planning, and network, we can expedite your transaction to just two to three days, all while ensuring the property is registered in your name.

Michael & Matisyahu

Michael & Matisyahu property in Portugal
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